Sydney Harbour Bridge

9 Jun 2017 TravelInOz

Along with the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s most famous icons. Affectionately called “the Coat hanger”, this impressive feat of construction is the largest steel arch bridge in the world. It was completed in 1932, 40 years before the Sydney Opera House. Rising 134 m above the harbour, the bridge spans 500 m connecting Sydney’s north shore to the central business district. In addition to the pedestrian path, two railway lines extend over the bridge as well as eight lanes for road traffic, the direction of which can be switched to accommodate traffic flow.

The visiting of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Opera House forms part of Sydney Luxury Tours¬†itinerary of iconic places they visit.¬†One of the top things they recommend clients to do in Sydney is a guided ascent to the top of the bridge where visitors can enjoy spectacular views over the harbour and city. For an overview on the bridge’s history and construction visit the museum in the southeastern pier. Interestingly, Paul Hogan, of Crocodile Dundee fame, worked as a painter on the bridge before rocketing to international stardom.

Location: Sydney Harbour, Sydney